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About me and my Computer

About me:

My name is Robbie Harrison and I live in Hedon which is near Hull in England. I go to South Holderness School in Preston near Hedon. I am in year 11 and I am studying for my GCSEs in, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science Dual Award, Spanish, Electronics, Drama and Business Studies. Soon I will be leaving after my GCSEs to hopfuly do a BTEC National Diploma in Media at Hull College along with a A-level in physics because I want to work on a radio station.

I have been interested in computers ever since I used a BBC Model B at my primary school. My dad (who is a teacher) used to bring one home during the school holidays. Then I went to Secondary School were there was only four BBC Micros!! In October 1999 I bought my Master 128 and then my pile of computers has just grown and grown.

If you want to please e-mail me:


  If you require any help with items listed below please e-mail me:


My computer

Here is a list of the Beeb stuff that I own:

1 Master 128 with Doomsday ROM

1 BBC Model B+

1 BBC Model B Issue 4

1 Philips CM 8833 - II Monitor (I need a new switch for this)

1 Cub Medium Resolution Monitor

1 Philips Monitor 80 Green

1 Philips Monitor 80 Amber

1 Pace Floppy Drive Single

1 Cumana Floppy Drive Single

1 AMS 3" Drive

1 Watford 3.5" Drive (Brocken)

1 Citizen 120D+ Printer

1 Grafpad

1 Control-IT box

1 Morley Teletext Adapter

1 AMX Mouse (Broken)

1 Acorn Winchester 120 20 meg Hard Drive

1 Acorn 6502 2nd Processor

1 Datapen Lightpen

1 ZipStick Joystick

1 Pair of Acorn Joysticks

1 Acorn Data Recorder

1 Care Electronics Quad ROM Cartridge

2 Care Electronics Dual ROM Cartridges

1 Peartree Quad ROM Cartrdges

Software (I have only listed the ones that I have in original Boxes)


1 AcornSoft ViewStore


2 Acorn Master Welcome Tape

1 AcornSoft Aviator (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Boxer (Electron)

1 AcornSoft Missile Base (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Monsters (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Rocket Raid (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Snapper Version 1 (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Snapper Version 2 (BBC Model B)

1 AcornSoft Sphinx Adventure (BBC Model B)

1 AMX Art

1 BBC Soft Welcome Tape (BBC Model A)

1 DataPen Lightpen Utilities (BBC)

1 Incentive Software Ltd The Graphic Adventure Creator (BBC B)

1 Mosaic Yes Prime Minister (BBC Model B)

1 Program (Micro) Frenzy (BBC Model B)

1 Program (Micro) Power Killer Gorilla (BBC Model B)

1 Program (Micro) Power Martian Attack (BBC Model B)

1 Program (Micro) Power Swoop (BBC Model B)

1 Program (Micro) Power The Mine (BBC Model B)

1 Quicksilva Beeb-Art (BBC Model B)

1 Summit Software Mini Office (BBC)