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A Brief Summary of the Master 128
The Master 128 was released in January 1986, it was based on the original BBC Model B but it had loads more memory in the form of shadow, sideways and private RAM, it also had View (Word Processor), ViewSheet (Spreadsheet), ADFS (Filing System), Edit and Terminal built in. The BBC Model B was launched in 1981, the reason for the "BBC" in the name was because Acorn Computers Ltd in Cambridge won the licence to make a computer to support the BBC's Computer Literacy Project. The BBC Model B was hugely successful. The Master 128 was an instant success when it was launched in 1986. Production ceased in May 1993 because Acorn felt that sales were slowing, the parts needed to make the Master 128 where increasingly becoming hard to find. The 32-bit machines were also becoming very popular .